Sunday, 4 August 2013

Walt's Premier League of Pundits: The Recently Promoted/Young Guns/Limited Budget Group

Well alright; I've given you a brief intro into what we're up to here and have shared with you the two wildcard sites that you can't do without. Let's start digging right into this all-you-can-eat buffet of FPL websites/blogs that will satisfy even the biggest FPL appetite.

We're starting with the Recently Promoted/Young Guns/Limited Budget group.  These are the guys who have recently taken the plunge into the website/blog world and/or have taken on the Herculean, almost round the clock task of tackling things solo while also pumping out top-notch content.  Take it from me; this is a hardcore group.

(Note; clicking on each referenced site's name will take you to their site, and clicking on their Twitter nickname will take you to their Twitter page, where you can begin following them if you haven't already).

#20:  FPLFiend

If you don't know FPLFiend yet, let me introduce you to one of the most popular and dedicated FPL fans you are going to find. Fiend has over 3,500 followers who track his account to keep up with all the latest epl/fpl news.  He recently started a blog, and when he's not busy tweeting and increasing his popularity, he's combing all of the who's who FPL sites and sharing their content via his blog.

He also can write; and an excellent article he wrote regarding the recent string of EPL managerial changes can be found right here

Follow him on Twitter today:  @FPLFiend

Football Glamour is a blog authored by another one of the nicest guys you'll find. The creator, Marc, is a UK transplant who now lives in North America and who, as crazy as it sounds (and I don't know how he does it), runs his full time blog through both the EPL/FPL season in England AND the MLS season in the US.

Marc was one of the first friends to greet me on Twitter and I often enjoyed his FPL blog wherein he shares his team's performance and progress, writes good articles about how his transfers worked or didn't work, and provides an excellent strength-of-schedule chart that I often would look at when torn between transferring in one player vs. another.

He's in full MLS mode at the moment, but he's somehow found time this summer to revamp his entire site, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the new FPL season will bring at Football Glamour.

Please check him out on Twitter:  @footballglamour

#18:  EPL Feeds

EPL Feeds is exactly as it sounds. It is a website funneling in feeds from across the epl/fpl world.  I don't know how they do it; they either have an army of people sitting in a warehouse somewhere or an awesome bot that sweeps the web finding pertinent epl/fpl articles, because they add new content every few minutes it seems. And GOOD content too. They have an entire Fantasy section that will feed you as much FPL news as you can handle; and it all comes in a nice looking, easy to navigate format.

Check them out today if haven't already, and follow them on Twitter at @EPLFeeds

#17:  FPL Advice

FPL Advice is another relative newcomer to the blog world, but you'd never know it by looking at his site. He started things up late in the 2012/2013 season and hasn't skipped a beat since.  I have been one of the lucky ones to watch him create an extremely impressive brand during this offseason, and I have no doubt this is just the beginning of what could become a very big presence.

In addition to creating his blog, which features large amounts of quality, relevant content, he has also built a team of writers, contributors, and affiliates that come together well. And if that's not enough, he has also created an EXCELLENT, free Android app that I highly recommend. It includes links and connections to all kinds of quality FPL content all from one central location. I look forward to using it frequently this season. 

Download it today: FPLAdvice free Android app 

He can be found on Twitter at @FPLadvice

FPL Strategist is experienced, fun to interact with, and really knows his stuff. I always pay close attention to his Tweets and glean knowledge from him when I can. He has a blog wherein he shares good advice with his readers every Friday afternoon. His weekly Friday column is aptly called The Dirtsheet, where he gives you great options to consider as you sit down to select your squad for the upcoming gameweek, including a look at clean sheet likelihoods and some hidden gems that might do the business for you and provide a nice differential if you're looking to take a punt or have a little bit of catching up to do.

He has also recently announced an exciting new free league starting this season sponsored by Pride Watches. The league will include great watch giveaways and prize money coming out of his own pocket to top season performers. He dishes out the cash happily, knowing that the prize money will bring in the top FPL managers that will create an exciting, competitive league.

If you don't already follow him on Twitter, you will enjoy his account immensely; and you can find it at @FPLStrategist

When Aaron started his blog in December 2012 following the Manchester derby, I wonder if he envisioned that he'd have so much content so soon.  There is a TON of it on this site. 

The articles are short and sweet (enough to keep you wanting more); and the blog is continually updated with fresh, new content.  Whether it be a reflection on a recent game, exciting games to look out for during the coming gameweek, notable historic moments throughout the season, transfer speculation, or player spotlights, you will find it here.

It is all laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way that is easy to read, and the information on the site flows easily.  One particular article that caught my attention was an informative piece that anyone about to play the FPL game for the first time should definitely read. It is an article walking you through exactly how to create your FPL team; check it out here

I'm happy to say you will also be seeing Aaron more on this very site as he contributes articles throughout the season.  Please follow him on Twitter at @FPLAaron

Alright, well I hope you're enjoying things so far and will check each of these sites out today if you have not heard of them before.  I've benefited from each of them a great deal and not only do I want to thank them all for spending so much time and dedicating so much effort to bringing all of us FPL junkies the content we crave, I'm also looking forward to following them all closely during the upcoming season.

Next time we'll keep the countdown going with another talented group of deep, strong FPL pundit sites making up The Middle of the Pack.

If you missed the previous article where I dished out our two all-important WILDCARDS, please check it out here

And while you're checking out and following these great accounts, please give me a follow as well.  I'm over there on Twitter at EPLFanForLife 

See you real soon for the next installment,