Saturday, 3 August 2013

Walt's Premier League of Pundits: The Wildcards


Ya know, in FPL you get 2 wildcards; and this article is no different. Wildcards are the FPL equivalent of a game changer; two chances each season that can have the biggest impact on your score and on your success. In that spirit, these two WILDCARD sites fit the description of potential game changers perfectly. You will see what I mean in a moment.  So before the actual countdown begins, these two sites/blogs earn special mention for a couple of different reasons. First of all, they primarily involve a singular focus and are incomparable to more general FPL related sites and blogs. Secondly, they are MUST-BOOKMARK sites for every FPL player. 

If you've played FPL for any period of time, you recognize the fact that the key to being a good FPL manager is making good decisions during each gameweek. The crux of these decisions almost always centers around transfers. And no two sites are more imporant when considering transfers than the two wildcard sites I'm about to share with you. Following these sites closely and using the information that they share to your advantage can have far-reaching implications for you and your All-Star squad. These two sites are my wildcards because they are two specialty sites that you simply must become familiar with; and they are....

WILDCARD #1: Physio Room

All that needs to be said about PhysioRoom can be said in a few short sentences:

PhysioRoom is the single best source of injury-related information for FPL managers. If you play FPL you will quickly grow tired and possibly enraged at the inadequate blue, orange and red boxes that the official FPL site uses to update each player's fitness status.

Simply put, PhysioRoom provides much more detail about each player's injury status and expected return date than you could ever find on the FPL site. Don't bother looking anywhere else; in a world full of unreliable and presumptive information, PhysioRoom is the most reliable source of information you will find when it comes to injuries. And the difference between what other sources tell you about when a player will be fit again vs. what PhysioRoom tells you about when a player will be fit again can oftentimes be the difference between a wasted transfer on a benchwarmer who's not quite ready to return (and a long string of curse words) and a well-informed transfer of a differential who suits up against a weak opponent and gives you a nice little boost in your mini-league.

I can recall dozens of times over the course of the season last year where people on Twitter were discussing back and forth the likelihood of certain players to be healthy enough to be in the starting 11 during the upcoming gameweek. After sharing bits and pieces of information from various places, the conversation usually ends with one person or the other saying, "Let's see what @PhysioRoom says". End of discussion.
Get this on your Twitter feed asap too: @PhysioRoom

WILDCARD #2: FPLPriceChanges

When it comes to weekly FPL management and the hundreds of decisions we contemplate throughout the season with regards to transfers, I cannot overemphasize the importance that understanding the FPL concept of price changes (and price freezes) can have throughout the course of a season.

FPLPriceChanges created his entire site for one reason and one reason only; to help FPL managers understand how the concept of price increase and decrease works and how to use the info to maximize your transfer effectiveness. Grabbing a hot prospect right before his price goes up or offloading a player right before his price goes down could save you 0.2m very valuable FPL pounds in a single gameweek.

FPLPriceChanges spells it out for you with simplicity and ease. Following and becoming familiar with the information he shares, in my estimation, could make a 1.5-2.0m pound difference in your FPL management budget; easily. Most simply speaking, if you decide to spend the extra money his info can save you on a midfielder, he can be the difference between you having a 7.0m fifth midfielder instead of one at 5.0m.

Not only has FPLPriceChanges helped thousands of FPL managers understand this extremely important concept of price fluctuation, he also is one of the most knowledgeable FPL people I have come across in my time as an FPL manager. If you are on Twitter (and you should be) it won't be long before you learn a great deal from what he has to say. An absolutely invaluable source of information that you must become familiar with this week. You will be glad you did.

Twitterers search this out and follow it NOW: @FPLPriceChanges

Okay, so there you have it: the very beginning of our list of the Top 20 FPL Pundits; "Walt's Premier League of Pundits", as it were.

Tomorrow we will start the Top 20 Countdown with "The Recently Promoted/Young Guns/Limited Budget" tier of the Pundits Premier League, to be followed by "The Middle of The Pack" and culminating with "Champions League Contenders and The Cream of The Crop".

Please check back as the Top 20 FPL Websites/Blogs series continues.

Cheers, Walt