Friday, 2 August 2013

Walt's Premier League of Pundits

Walt's Premier League of Pundits: the Top 20 Countdown

So the new EPL/FPL season that looked a million miles away a few months ago is now just around the corner, and if you haven't done so already, it's time to do your homework and put together a Matt Martyniak-style FPL squad capable of bringing home the trophy and jetting you off to all kinds of magical places with a champagne glass in one hand, tickets to a sweet-ass preseason tournament in the other, and a photographer across the aisle from you.

But where, you ask, can I find all of the information that I may need to help me with my planning? And once the season starts, what are the "go-to" places I need to know about to stay on top of this living, breathing FPL beauty we will all have a sordid affair with over the next 9 months?  Well you're in luck; because I'm about to tell you.

The FPL bug bit me a few years ago and left a permanent itch that now requires my constant attention.  I know, I take it to extremes at times, but I love it; and there's not much I enjoy more than finding cool new places to get my FPL fix.  As a matter of fact, researching for this article was one of the best things I've done in a long time.  The life of an FPL addict can be crazy as we get bits and pieces of information in small 140-character doses.  Many of the tweets we see contain links that we click on, read, and then hit the back space button to get back to Twitter and the next little nugget of wisdom or humor.  But how many of the sites we peek in on during our journey have you taken the time to really immerse yourself in and get to know?  How do you really know the extent of what's out there?

Well, I've spent the better part of an entire week putting together a list of the sites and blogs I've been exposed to during the relatively small period of time since I was diagnosed with FPL-itis, and I've spent at least 20-30 minutes combing through each site to get a feel for their content, noticeable characteristics, reasons for bookmarking and returning later, etc. The only thing left is to present them to you.

Not so fast, though.  Simply providing a list of sites with links and a "have at it" rap on the backside wouldn't do you all that much good, would it? Nah, this is a special list; a list good enough to be considered the "Premier League" of FPL punditry.  Here, only the best will do.  And just like in the Premier League, the table tells the story, and only the best of the best make it to the Champions League. So, starting tomorrow, I will begin to share with you my top 20 EPL/FPL blogs and websites, ranked according to a super-secret formula known only to me.  We will call it "Walt's Premier League of Pundits".  It will provide you with more sources of FPL excellence than you may ever need.  And it will be awesome.

The 4-part series will start with "The Wildcards"; soon to be followed by "The Recently Promoted/Young Guns/Limited Budget", "The Middle of The Pack" and will culminate with "Champions League Contenders and The Cream of The Crop".  By the time we're done, I will have shared with you 22 (yes, 2 "bonus" sites included) of the most awesome FPL websites/blogs out there.

I hope you're ready. See you tomorrow!