Sunday, 4 August 2013

Off-season message from the Chief @FPLHints

Hi all,

It's August! The month in which the Premier League season starts.  I thought it best to muse about a few things as this blog comes near to its second birthday!

Once upon a time, this blog was simply "one man and his blog".  Bah, I suppose it still is!  But how times have changed.  In a short space of time I turned down the chance to work in football analysis, set up my own football blog, finished 110th out of 2.78 million FPL Gamers and had a roller-coaster ride while doing it!

Not bad for an amateur, right?

I have never claimed to be some sort of FPL genius.  Quite frankly, I'm not.  If I'm honest, I watched hardly any live Premier League football during the season I finished 110th.  I could have easily finished in the top 50 had my GW38 of 2011/2012 not been a mild disaster!  I simply relied on hard statistics, FPL grapevine chat, gut instinct and good old fashioned calculations.

I only blog and tweet as I enjoy the banter, stats, playing FPL and all the good associated with it.  With the ever increasing amount of traffic that FPLH receives, I could have easily upgraded to a bling pro-website by now, but I like the blog-format.  It's down to earth, not intimidating, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing to the eye (when formatting isn't going haywire!).

I don't charge membership fees for my FPL hints-related services.  My blog is almost ad-free.  I have no big paymaster giving me loadsamoney.  I don't get paid to blog.  I have had offers to write for others, which would have meant abandoning FPL Hints in its nascent state.  In spite of the temptations to move on from FPLH, I have posted every week during the Premier League 'in-season' since the launch of this blog (even whilst on holiday!).  During that time, I have liaised with many like-minded FPL gamers, from as far as America to Australia, who share the same passion - you know what that is... That short-term glee when your differential captain scored a hat-trick!  That grimace when sub 1 scores 15 points but can't be auto-subbed on and so forth.

I am pleasantly joyed by the fact that others have been inspired by my blog and have themselves succeeded (and exceeded!) in the seesaw world of FPL.  This gives me further reason to continue blogging.  If no one read my posts there would be no point in having FPLH.  Yet people do and it serves a basic purpose.  I'm not saying it's altruistic.  But I would hope to think that it gives you extra insight to do well in your private leagues.  In fact, if it simply enhances your perspective of FPL then that's brilliant!

Moving forwards, things are changing fast for FPLH.  As you may have noticed, this blog has had new contributors from the world of FPL.  Their voluntary yet powerful contributions will be a mainstay.  They bring new insight and enhanced rationale.  Their unique yet earthy personalities will enrich FPLH for the better.  Moreover, such is the blog's popularity, I'm happy to announce that FPLH is now in a position to sell its own merchandise.  Mind you, the shop is still in a rudimentary state so please be kind... and do buy (10% of profits go to charity)!

What will remain the same you ask?  Until further notice, my "bread and butter" weekly pre-GW posts shall continue for the 2013-2014 season.  Yes and yes... That means I will continue to reveal my team before each GW (to my detriment!) and reveal my weekly "recommended player" (cheesy YouTube videos to boot!).  However, I may get rid of the "hot picks" (I got no feedback for them... hmph!) or may designate them to another writer...

So there you have it.  Stay tuned and remember...