Friday, 23 August 2013

FPL Hints - Gameweek 2

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.

(-4 Hit)
Downing & Hazard (OUT) / Nolan & Y Toure (IN)

I ended up with 84 points in #DGW1.  If you offered me that tally over a week ago I may have taken it.  But hindsight is a funny old thing.  I made a few last minute transfers that cost me hitting 100 exactly!  In particular, I sold O'Brien for Gibbs (who got injured after half an hour) and I sold Nolan for Downing (who got a 1 point cameo off the subs bench).  These two transfers cost me -16 net exactly.  Having said that I got a bit lucky too.  Whittaker was initially in my starting XI and then I relegated him to sub2, yet I still managed to claw back his hoard of points.  Ivanovic's goal and Hazard's assist also boosted my tally.  Regardless, I'm off to a decent start and shouldn't complain too much.

I think the average score of GW2 will be far lower than #DGW1.  Firstly because there is no extra fixture and secondly as a lot of people picked players in #DGW1 that were playing at home.  As is evident in my starting XI, only 3 of them are playing at home.  With that said, I wasn't inclined to panic buy "home" players for GW2 as their fixtures aren't that great overall.

I decided to sell Downing in place of Nolan.  The fact is that Nolan is virtually a second striker for West Ham.  With Carroll's absence and Maiga being out of form, he is bound to score more.  Also, with Nolan playing against his former club this weekend, I think he has a point to prove and may do so against the Magpies stuttering defence.  Beyond this GW, Nolan has some decent fixtures coming up over the next few gameweeks.  

My other transfer entailed me selling Hazard to fund my Nolan purchase.  Chelsea have a tricky fixture v Man Utd on Monday and they won't play in GW3.  Thus I replaced him with Yaya Youre as he is a regular City starter, can often get involved with goals and has a good run of upcoming fixtures like Nolan.

I have decided to captain Soldado as he has form on his side.  If United can ship 4 past Swansea at the Liberty Stadium, then surely a rejuvenated Spurs can score at least 2 past them at White Hart Lane?  Don't use Europe as an excuse, as both played yesterday so that factor is cancelled out.

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He is Tottenham's main goal threat.
Soldado has scored 3 goals in his last 2 games.
Swansea conceded 4 at home in their GW1 match.

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Y Toure

Van Persie
Soldado (c)