Thursday, 8 August 2013

Walt's Premier League of Pundits: The Top 20 Wrap-up

(Image courtesy of @matejp23)

The Top 20 Wrap-up

I have had a lot of fun with this article series and I hope you've found value in having a list of 22 go-to sites for all of your FPL needs.  Whether you're just about to enter your first season or have been around for awhile and just need some extra information and/or reinforcement of your already strong management skills, there is something here for just about everyone.

To close things out I thought it would be great to summarize the entire Premier League of Pundits and give you a one-stop shop list that will allow you to visit any and all of these top sites from a single place.

Special thanks to each and every site on this list for the gargantuan amount of time and effort you each have put in to help make the FPL community such a great place for shared knowledge, enthusiasm, and camaraderie.  More than anything, this entire series has been a tribute to you and the efforts you make to help all of us further enjoy the game we love and just can't get enough of. Thanks for all you do for so many; it is so greatly appreciated.

Here you go: Walt's Premier League of Pundits (via @fplhints):

 Thanks for following this series. Have a great FPL season everyone!

See you on the boards.....

Walt aka @EPLFanForLife

P.S. Isn't that graphic made by @matejp23 awesome!?!