Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Spurs to Real Madrid Bale-out


Will he? Won't he? That has been the question on everybody's lips  for what seems like an eternity now. The media has been in a frenzy regarding Tottenham's superstar midfielder and understandably so.

In recent years the rumours have been simmering but things have really picked up speed since the transfer window opened. The media have been relentless (similar to the Suarez leaving Liverpool saga) and  have been covering every aspect of the move. No matter how trivial.
What do we know? At the time of writing Carlo Ancelotti has said that Real are in talks with Bale - the most concrete evidence of a move that the striker has apparently been quite keen on.
Prior to that news its all been speculation, rumours and a lot of unnecessary "BREAKING NEWS" on the various media outlets. Big money Whispers of as high as 100 million have been thrown around with the most recent being around 85.

Bale who was monumental in AVB's Tottenham's challenge for a champions league spot; had his biggest season to date. He's been a staple for most fantasy teams for a long time and has been a worthy holder of the armband; knocking in goals, getting assists and bonus points to rival the other big names in the game we all love.
Bale's absence would be a massive blow for Spurs but if the money that is on the table is available for reinvestment the team could strengthen the squad and look even better moving forward. Speaking of forward - Tottenham have confirmed the signing of Roberto Soldado from Valencia.

The Spanish Striker scored 30 goals in 46 La Liga appearances - possibly a worthy replacement for Bale's goal threat if he can adapt to life in the Premier League. Not forgetting Paulinho - the lively Brazilian also has the potential to be an explosive fantasy football target.
Things look very interesting for football & fantasy football fans. With Managerial changes within Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City this season has potential to be very special & unpredictable.

I think all parties involved in the record breaking move will be pleased once pen has reached paper. I'm sure the majority of people with a finger on the football pulse are will be.
There's always a plus side to Gareth Bale's absence - A whopping 12 million (Bale's value on the official FPL) to spread around your team certainly has this Fantasy manager looking at worthy replacements for this season..
16 days to go! Not that I'm counting or anything..