Thursday, 18 August 2016

Gameweek 2 - Best Buys and Why

Gameweek 1 was an interesting start to the season. We saw some surprise packages that could be potentially good for our FPL team in the long run. Today I will highlight some of the best buys for Gameweek 2.

First up, if you are looking for consistent returns from your defence, consider West Bromwich Albion players. With Tony Pulis style of play in which he likes to park the bus, West Brom’s defenders are value for money as they are pretty budgeted. Ben Foster scored a whopping 10 points in the first match of the season and showed why he is one of the best English goalkeepers around. If you are looking for a full back providing assist, at only £4.5m, Gareth McAuley provides good opportunity for assist while Craig Dawson offers goal scoring threats from set pieces at £5.0m.  West Brom’s next few fixtures are relatively good, taking on Everton, Boro, Bournemouth, West Ham, Stoke and Sunderland in coming weeks.

Next, Eden Hazard looks to continue his strong start of the season against Watford this weekend. Hazard has shown in previous seasons what he is capable of, apart from the 15/16 where injury made him have a pretty bad season. With Chelsea’s good run of fixtures in the next few game weeks, Antonio Conte’s side look to score big. Hazard is also able to play as a forward should his team mate Diego Costa ever get suspended for getting booked. At £10.0m, he is pricey, but the possible returns he can get you surpasses his price.

Finally, Manchester United look to be title contenders this season after missing out for the past couple of seasons. With the addition of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and a few others, their squad look solid and with Jose Mourinho as their new manager, the club is moving in a new direction.  If you are looking for a midfielder, Anthony Martial (£9.5m) is a good option as he provides lots of crosses into the box and is able to cut in from the left and create chances himself. For forwards, Zlatan Ibrahimovic looks to retain his goal scoring threat with his new team. He has shown he has what it takes to play in England despite his age. He is a premium player at £11.5m but I believe he is a safe long term investment that will bring you returns over the course of the season.

Those are my picks for Gameweek 2. Most of them will be good in the long run. Some of them are budgeted, some are a premium, pick one that suits your needs for this weekend.

Written by: @FantasyFoxez