Thursday, 4 August 2016

Which players have the highest ownership in FPL?

With almost a week to go until the season starts, Fantasy Football Fix have been analysing the data to review which players in FPL have the current highest ownership, whilst comparing these selections against our algorithm squad picks.

Here is a snapshot below showing some of the key players with the current highest FPL ownership possible within the 100M budget – often referred to as the ‘template team’.

No surprise Aguero is leading the way with current 38% ownership and with confidence still high in the Leicester City squad, both Mahrez and Morgan are proving popular at around 22% ownership.

Fantasy Football Fix don’t recommend selecting all players from the ‘template team’ as you will need some differential players if you want to get a head start, but choosing the core players from the template will at least guarantee you a good start.

As more people continue to enter their teams on FPL, Fix's ownership stats will continue to change and update daily to give you the full picture, with all the information you need contained in the Pre-Season Pack.