Friday, 26 August 2016

DreamTeam - Latecomers League Tips

Tips for the Sun's Dream Team Latecomers £30k league.  
Starting Gameweek 4, that's the weekend after international break. 

Right, to begin with, it's totally changed from last season. No unexpected Daley Blind "Star Man" every game, or Rooney randomly getting "Star Man" against Villa when he admitted he'd had a shocker.  This season the ratings are done by First tip, get to their site and see who were the top rated players from last season and who's done well at the start of this season. Look at who got the most Man of the Match awards and the top average rated overall players. For instance, you will be surprised to see that Man City's top rated player last season was Nicolás Otamendi. I'm not saying I will pick Otamendi but it's worth noting. That's a good indication of who you want. No point in having a player who doesn't get the right ratings. 

You get the basic 5 points for a clean sheet, 2 for an assist and 5 for a goal regardless of position (no extra points for a defender scoring).  Also with the clean sheets it doesn't matter if your player plays 1 minute or 90 if he's on the pitch he'll get points as if he's played the full match. Likewise when Arsenal were 4-3 down to Liverpool and if they had brought on Kieron Gibbs for the last few seconds he would have scored -3 as it's minus a point for every goal conceded after the first. But it's the ratings of 7.0+ for additional 3 points and the Star Man gets an additional 5. There are no points for a player starting a game. 

Of course, you really want to aim for goals and assists. I always thought there wasn't much point in having a defensive midfielder, who doesn't score or assist but Moussa Dembélé despite only getting three goals and one assist was Spurs top rated player from last season with a higher rating than Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen. So I might rethink that but I would still go for goal scoring midfielders, i.e. Hazard, de Bruyne, Mahrez types. 

You also want clean sheets and top keepers who won't concede many. But a cheaper option from a mid table side who make a fair few saves can also work like Heurelho Gomes of Watford. He actually had a higher average rating than David de Gea over the season. You also have to remember that every game counts. So a Europa league tie against some part timers could be a points fest. Same with domestic cup games.

Also this season you have three transfers per month so you can look ahead and if Manchester City play Hull, Burnley and Sunderland you can fill you boots and put in Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne. Whereas if Arsenal play Chelsea, Manchester United and Barcelona you might not want Mesut Ozil and Oliver Giroud plus if you can get two games a week out of someone then make the transfer. But you have to remember that game weeks start on a Monday so if you have Diego Costa and Chelsea play Monday night then he is locked out after that game until the following Monday. Any player who's team have played cannot be transferred even if they didn't play. 

Prices also rise and fall so if the cheap diamond you selected goes on a good run your mates will be paying more for him and you'll have benefited from picking him early. 

I'd also scan the player list for the under priced players and other players who will do well as someone else at the club is injured or the player priced cheaply at one club has moved to another. So Luke Shaw for example at £2.5m is a must have. I also think John Stones at £3m is under-priced. If Nolito carries on the point scoring form he's started the season on he'll be a must have at £3.5m. 

Finally, I would recommend scanning the fixtures and see who has extra non-league games.

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