Wednesday, 10 August 2016

FPL analysis at your finger tips for 2016/2017

The start of the season is now only days away, it’s time to get serious about squad selection and we thought what better time to review the Pre-Season Pack on offer from the stats geeks over at
You might have come across the Fix site before, but for those that haven’t they offer a range of useful tools and predictive stats help your player transfer selections – and rather than football punditry they use mathematical formulas to suggest your best transfer moves – might seem crazy but it works.
So given that they have used this logic for the pre-season build up, lets have a look at what they can offer to help educate us on our initial squad selection before the new season gets underway.
Analytics on the top 50 FPL managers from last season
We believe strategy plays a huge part in fantasy football and this makes for great reading, we all want to know the secrets of the best fantasy managers in the game and this section of the fix site does just that.
Here are some of the stats quoted to get you thinking.
  • 46% of the top managers had used their first wildcard before GW3.

  • 40% of the time the Top 50 managers used 2 or 3 players who were on their bench in the previous Gameweek

  • As much as 80% of the time the Top 50's Captain Pick was amongst the top 3 most popular in that gameweek.

The data is revealed in graphs and charts giving the playing styles of the best managers, from when they played their wildcard to the times they made player transfers.
The current FPL ‘Template Team’ showing player ownership
Here we have taken a screenshot showing the current highest ownership players in FPL within the 100M budget – often referred to as the ‘template team’.
The template team will give you a great starting point in FPL and will return an above average score, however don’t neglect the differential picks if you get these right you will out perform the template choices.
As more and more teams are entered into the FPL game, Fix continues to update the data so you can see the trends of which players are the most popular.
Predicted Stats and Optimisation Tools
This section really forms the main part of the Fix pre-season pack, giving you everything you need from projected player points scores right through to optimization tools that allow you to create your Gameweek 1 draft squad, then the Fix Algorithms to educate you on how you can improve on player selection to increase points – clever stuff.
When you find a player you think would be a good fit for your squad you can drill down into the stats for both player and team to make an informed choice!
So if you are struggling with your starting squad selection, or you just want the inside stats from the top managers on the FPL game, then this might well be worth a look.  Click here to learn more.