Thursday, 11 August 2016

There is more to life than FPL

What's that? FPL isn't the be all or end all?  Well sort of.

The fact is there are lots of different types of fantasy football games available to play.  FPL just happens to be the most popular one.  However, the sheer millions that play it ensures that the odds of you winning it are 3,500,000-1, literally.  Does it make sense to only play this format? Is it even the best one? Want something easier on the side?  Wouldn't you rather also play a game with a smaller number of particpants and with a better chance of winning?  Put simply, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

In no particular order, here are three completely different football games that are worth playing aside from FPL:

Football Survivor is similar to certain office-based "last man standing" games.  Rather than being focused on players, it's all about the performance of the clubs that you select.  You simply pick the Premier League team that you think will win for a particular Gameweek.  You can't pick the same team again.  Thus, each league cycle lasts a maximum of 20 Gameweeks.  To add to the mix, you only have 10 lives.  You lose one life if the team that you have selected draws and you lose two lives if your picked team loses or if you fail to make a selection.  You only retain your lives in the event that your picked team wins. The person with at least one life left when others are all-out wins the league.

Football Survivor is an online game available to play through your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Although there is no app, it is accompanied by an excellent mobile-friendly website.  I was given the opportunity to set up my own league for this season.  There's still time to sign up (do so by the morning of Saturday 13th August).  The winner of my league will win a classic football shirt.  Best of all it doesn't have millions of entrants.  So what you are waiting for?  Join.

If you want something that requires a bit more time and skill, then Perfect XI may be the game for you.  Like FPL you have to select players that you think will perform the best for each given weekend.  The scoring system isn't as restrictive as FPL's.  It's not just about clean sheets, assists or goals but so much more.  You have the opportunity to score on a number of things, including key passes, shots on target and even crosses!  There is no price cap, so you can buy all of the 'elite' players and there isn't a club cap either which means you can select as many players from one club.  You can create a new team each week and it won't cost you any points!

The makers of Play Togga also have a draft game, but PXI differs in so far that it's a single player game within an overall table and your team can be entered into multiple leagues, rather than having to create a different team per league.  Also, more than one manager can own the same player.  PXI was available on desktop last season, but from this August it will only be accessible by downloading the app.  FPLHINTS has a featured league in PXI for 2016/2017.  Best of all, prizes are available specifically for the August 2016 Manager of the Month, as well as the overall leader of my league come May 2017.  If this is your kind of game, get on your mobile phone or tablet and click here.  If you want a good chance of being competitive in my league enter by the morning of Saturday 13th August.

This game differs significantly from the above two.  Firstly, it's not fantasy football.  It can be played offline and isn't dependent on real-life results.  Secondly, you're not the manager, you're the "chairman".  It's incredibly addictive.  The perfect game to cut the time out of your bedraggled commute to and from work.  It's not normal if you fail to play 50 seasons with one team!  Football Chairman is an award-winning game with fantastic reviews.  It isn't available to play on your desktop, it's solely app based.  To celebrate three successful years since its inception, the makers have kindly released another free version.  There aren't any material prizes, but you can put yourself to the test by building a non-league club from scratch, developing them and maybe one day taking them to European glory!