Thursday, 25 December 2014

Marco’s Maverick – GW18 – Radamel Falcao

After Fletchers misfortune of hitting the post and team mates darn right greediness culminating in a 2 point disappointment of a week we search for someone ready to pick up the baton for the maverick and return us to the promised land of a few weeks ago. 

It’s only going to be a short Maverick today as the lure of another festive drink coupled with another mince pie and a blast on the latest Fifa far more occupy my mind (sorry guys and girls)! This week’s pick is Radamel Falcao. It’s unquestionably a punt as the Columbian struggles for minutes in his return from injury but with Wayne Rooney seemingly occupying a deeper role these days there could be an opportunity for the frontman to stake his claim.

I haven’t deliberately picked the team facing Newcastle two weeks running on purpose, however the United strike force versus an inexperienced Jack Alnwick has weighed heavily in my mind. At 2.3% ownership and managers looking to offload Rooney maybe a sideways step is on the cards? There will be a lot of stayed up and down the UK and worldwide this festive period so if it’s ok for you why not your fantasy team?

Gw17 - Fletcher 2 pts
Gw16 -  Giroud 13 pts
Gw15 -  Carroll 16 pts
Gw12 -  Diouf 0 pts
Gw11 -  Austin 7 pts
Gw10 -  Adebayor 1 pt
Gw9 -  Brunt 8 pts
Gw8 - Lampard 7 pts
Gw7 - Hernandez 2 pts
Gw6 - Mane 4 pts