Thursday, 18 December 2014

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 17

Latest Rank: 16,644
  Cazorla/Baines  OUT (-4*)
  Fàbregas/Clichy IN
New Bank Balance: £0.4M

*I think it's a must having 5-6 CFC/MCI players until early January 2015.

Why have I re-purchased Fàbregas and picked him as captain for GW17?

The stats don't lie...
  Fàbregas has the 2nd highest "final third passes" away from home in FPL.
He has the 2nd highest number of "key passes" away from home in FPL.
Fàbregas has the 3rd highest ALI (potency) away from home of fit players.
He has has the highest number of assists away from home in FPL.
Playing #MNF. In 14/15, #MNF games average more goals than non-#MNF.

Source: Asliga

Fàbregas is CFC's top scoring FPL points magnet away from home thus far:
Fàbregas is the most potent (ALI) CFC player away from home this season:

 Source: Asliga

On a side note, I WON Fan Feud's #MNF game by one point in #GW15 and won their top prize:

 Can you outdo me on their game-by-game platform?
Feel free to sign up and try to beat me this weekend!