Friday, 5 December 2014

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 15

Latest Rank: 36,350
 No Transfers* 
New Bank Balance: £0.0M  

*I decided that I can make do with my team & need a FT for the GWs ahead.

Why did I captain Aguero again?

Aguero is the Premier League's top goal scorer (14).
He has the best goals:minutes ratio in PL history.
This season he is averaging one goal every 74.6 minutes.

Shots on Target per game average: 2.3 = #1 ranking since GW9.
 Shots on Target per game average: 2.4 = #1 ranking since GW1.

Source: Asliga

 At home, Aguero has scored 6 goals from 16 shots on target.
Overall, Aguero has scored 14 goals from 34 shots on target.

10/14 "Fantasy Returns" since GW1
4/6 "Fantasy Returns" since GW9.

Aguero is expensive, but you get a good return on your asset:


It doesn't matter, where/who he plays, Aguero's prowess is fixture proof!

Source: Asliga