Wednesday, 23 October 2013

VOX POPULI #CalledIt Differential Pick - GW9

The preparations for the #CalledIt differential pick for GW9 are in full swing and as part of those, I have asked my Twitter followers this question today:

Much to my surprise, I have received a large number of ideas (which I will happily include into my consideration for this GW) and I thought it would be interesting to see which are the ones that you favor, statistically speaking. As a totally ad-hoc decision, I decided to put together a "Vox populi" article on your differential picks and here they are:

Andros Townsend leads the way with 18% of your votes and this has a lot of merit to it. Great form during the international break resulted in a goal and 2 bonus points in the game against Villa. With 5 shots in the game (2 on target) and 3 chances created, there was potential for even more.

Yohan Cabaye follows with 12% of votes riding on his amazing goal vs Liverpool, but the stats show that he had only 1 shot on target (out of 5) in the game and created only 2 chances in the last two games. He also tends to shoot from distance which clearly diminishes his attacking potential. But who cares about statistics, if he can score goals like that?

Santi Cazorla joins Cabaye at 12% - a great player, should be back in the squad this week and has big scoring potential (remember his hat-trick last year?), though sometimes lacks consistency.

Is anyone missing? Should Torres be in the top3? Who will get the #CalledIt call this week? Tune in on Friday.