Friday, 11 October 2013

From World No.1, to World No. 1.3 millionth

One word can sum up my start to the season – terrible. Currently ranked 1.3 millionth in the world, this season has been a real come down for me from the excitement of last year where I spent more time inside the top 10 in the world than out of it.

I’m not doing anything different to last season, my strategy is the same, but like a lot of the other top players from last year I seem to be having a lot of bad luck and ‘sensible’ picks don’t seem to be working out for me.

Players like Mirallas and Soldado who haven’t performed as expected, or injuries to players like Coutinho and Walcott have really had an impact on my team. Combined with some surprise performances from Ramsey, Barkley, Brady etc. I’m left languishing in my lowly position.

But, over the course of a season I’m confident I can use the stats at my disposal and begin to climb the rankings. A few gambles and good captain picks and I’ll soon be heading towards the top again, albeit I’m dreaming if I think I can challenge for the title again now.

My time in the spotlight as one of the best fantasy football players in the world has passed, and even though I had the disappointment of finishing second last year, the excitement of playing and earning the respect of so many people is something I’ll never forget. 

I’m not giving up this season like I’ve heard some people are, but I’m taking a much more relaxed approach to the game now. It’s great interacting with people on Twitter about their teams, and seeing some interest in the moves and choices I’m making – even though they generally aren’t paying off yet this year.

Looking forward, I’m just trying to keep my eye on the fixtures and form of various teams, and I’m trying to spot a few opportunities to catch up on some points.  Putting in Ramsey, Mignolet, Giroud, Sturridge etc. isn’t going to help me claw back the points, but spotting a couple of differential players and making a few risky captaincy gambles may yet pay off.

For me, fantasy football is about taking an interest in football in general. Having something to give you the motivation to watch Stoke v Norwich, and something to talk about over a few pints in the pub. I’ve chatted to some really knowledgeable and interesting people on my journey to the top of the world, hopefully I can influence and chat to some more now I’m making my way down the rankings.

Those are my thoughts on the 2013/14 Fantasy Premier League season so far. Feel free to catch up with me on Twitter @K3lviN and see how my team "Why Always Me?" is getting along.

Guest Post from Kelvin Travers, Former World No.1 Fantasy Football Manager