Monday, 28 October 2013

Introducing a new weekly feature: Walt's #JackInTheBox

Alright everybody; if you've been following the Fantasy Premier League Hints blog this year (which I know you have), you are keenly aware of two weekly features that currently keep Chief and Matej very busy, namely:

Chief's #HotPick, as disclosed every week in his gameweek preview, and...

Matej's #CalledIt Differential pick, as disclosed every week via Twitter and on the FPLH blog.

Well, I couldn't let these guys have all of the fun, so I am starting a new weekly feature as well, which I will disclose via Twitter and also via the FPLH blog.  It is going to be called:

Walt's #JackInTheBox.  A little intro:

Go back to your childhood for a second.  Okay, well maybe not all of you, but those of you like me who grew up before everything was digital and "virtual". We actually had real toys that you held in your hand.  I remember my tin Jack In The Box very well. It was a colorful box with a crank on the side; and when you cranked the handle the song "Pop goes the Weasel" would play.  As the end of the song got closer, the anticipation became almost too much to take, and as the song finally ended you would hear a loud POP as a big old clown jumped out of the box, surprising me and making me laugh with joy. Alright, maybe that's embellishing a little, but you know, you can see the same thing a hundred times as a kid and be just as excited on the 100th time as you were on the 1st;)

Same concept here. The weekly #JackInTheBox pick is going to be someone from the bottom 5 teams of the EPL table who also has ownership of less than 3%. Someone who could come from out of the blue and give a VERY nice surprise to the lucky FPL owners keen enough to search out the diamond in the rough and capitalize on their astute observation and forecasting.

I will post my #JackInTheBox prediction each week on Friday and then pray like crazy that I don't look like a fool come the end of the gameweek!  Please follow along and let me know what you think of my picks. I look forward to your banter, critiques, "told me so's", and general feedback, but please don't forget the "attaboy's" when one of these gold nuggets comes good and makes me look smart too:)

Oh, this is gonna be fun. Tune in Friday for the first "official".....

Jack In The Box

*Disclaimer: We reserve the right to adjust the parameters for the weekly #JackInTheBox at any time.