Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[CONTEST]: How do you say I HAD A KICK ASS WEEK IN FPL in your own words and in your own language?

Here's the story - today I realized that my followers come from 39 different countries and it immediately sparked an idea! 

What is the one thing that every fantasy football players does when he (or she, ahem) has a great week? That is easy - shares it (or wants to) with the world! Shouts it from the top of the lungs! That is why the most engaging questions from the FPL bloggers every game week are variations of: "How many points did you score this week and how happy you are with it?". We are all guilty of doing the following:

a) I HAD A GREAT WEEK (20%+ above the average) usually evokes responses that are either expressions of sheer joy (usually the more "junior" players say something like "YES, YES, YES, an awesome week for me. How did you do? And then ask me how I did? Please! :)"), exaggerated bragging ("Woohooo, I AM THE MAN!!! Sir Alex Ferguson (or Jose), step aside!") or contained excitement, reserved mostly for seasoned veterans ("Who me? It was a good week. I scored 90 points. But it's a marathon, not a sprint.")

b) I HAD A HORRIBLE WEEK - you log off the FPL site, delete all cookies and saved username and password in your browser in hope you will forget it and never go through the anguish of seeing your entire team deliver between 1 and 2 points with a rare CS for a midfielder that sees him notch 3 points. You swear never to play this stupid game again and walk around infuriated for the first two work days. Your co-workers wonder why this wonderful man has suddenly gone all Hulk on them, while the wife cannot understand what is so important about a game that is not even real? By Wednesday (before the next game week) the hope of an upturn crawls in. By Thursday you are back in planning mode and on Friday you are already full of hope for a great week (see above). Twitter activity? Starts with rants, mixed with "selected" words for the players that didn't deliver and either explodes into a funny article about visiting your FPL shrink (courtesy of our very own Walt) or … well, let’s not go there.

c) AVERAGE WEEK – usually evokes no action or only “Meh”.

And what is in this for you? Well, Chief has decided to revamp his store offer and we have decided to do a special edition t-shirt - celebration of FPL! 

We will launch a contest on Twitter tomorrow where we will ask you to describe how you celebrate your “kick ass” FPL weeks within Twitter character constraints. Share it in your own language (English counts as well ;)) and I will design a t-shirt with as many different languages that will fit in. The motto of the contest is "Many languages. 1 passion. FPL."

Out of everyone who sends it, we will select TWO LUCKY WINNERS who will be the first owners of this unique t-shirt.

Excited? We are! The contest will be announced tomorrow, so make sure you follow @matejp23 and @fplhints for details.

Just as hint on what you can expect, here is a sneak preview of one of the t-shirts we are currently preparing.