Monday, 14 November 2011

Manchester's Duopoloy

Manchester's Duopoloy: FC Madchester - A tale of two halves

"A situation in which two suppliers dominate the market for a commodity or service"
(source: google - "duopoly definition")

Old Trafford aka "The Red Half of Manchester" (November 2011):

Etihad Stadium aka "The Blue Half of Manchester" (November 2011):

Seeing as there were no Premier League matches over the weekend (due to the international break), I thought it best to do some on-the-ground football research.  As a consequence I popped over for a visit to the league champions (Manchester United) and league leaders (Manchester City), whilst fancifully hoping to conduct player interviews.  Unfortunately, I didn't come across any famous players at either of the grounds.  And then I began to "interview" myself in my head.  I asked myself: Is the city of Manchester big enough for two Premier League football clubs?  Will City always live in United's shadow? Are United on the decline? Should they merge to create a super club called "FC Madchester"? Should I be asking these questions to former pros of the respective clubs and not to myself?

It is my belief that City and United are the two major forces of the Premier League this season.  They have the stadia, players, fans and finances which justify their duopoly of Manchester and dominance of the Premier League. Their first teamers will inevitably be worthy picks for your fantasy premier league team on a regular week-by-week basis - be it Jones, Silva, Richards, Rooney, etc.  They will more than likely finish 1st and 2nd come May 2012.  But the questions remain... In which order will they finish? Which of their players should I pick and when? Will they buy any star players in January? What on earth is FC Madchester??? Ponder on that for now - I will post my recommended player for gameweek 12 soon.  Until then, goodbye!