Friday, 25 November 2011

Goal line technology in the Premier League?

Is it time to introduce goal line technology in the Premier League?

Frank Lampard sums up the frustration

Football is a modern day sports leader courtesy of it being a successful billion pound global industry. Yet when it comes to technology and officiating key decisions it is still stuck in the nineteenth century. Less lucrative sports such as cricket have invested time and money in technology for sporting decisions. This has led to more just and accurate on-field outcomes in the world of cricket. Why hasn't top-flight football learnt from cricket? If the same could be applied to football it can help resolve goal-related disputes in a matter of seconds. Such controversy on the lack of technology is often continued beyond the match and in my estimation tarnishes the reputation of the game. I could unnecessarily advocate technology to be used on a whole host of matters on the pitch (i.e. penalties, offsides, etc.) but I think its high time that we have it to clarify goal line incidents. I accept that England v Germany (World Cup 1966) or England v Germany (World Cup 2010) could have had different outcomes with goal-line technology.  However fairness would have prevailed in a sport that in theory champions discipline and sportsmanship.  It's good to hear that trials are currently taking place to ascertain the best equipment for future usage.  But this should have happened twenty or so years ago with the advent of the Premier League.  It's time for football to come out of the Victorian era and truly enter the new millennium by embracing goal-line technology.  The question remains - will FIFA, UEFA or the FA embrace it wholeheartedly or undermine its importance for another twenty or so years?