Friday, 7 August 2015

The change that never was (no regrets... yet!)

Hi all,

I was about to make one last change to my FPL team before Gameweek 1, which would have ensured £1.0m saved in the bank for a future purchase.  I wanted to swap Cech and Ivanovic for Courtois and Koscielny.  I considered doing this as it seems Aguero's return to fitness may be quicker than anticipated.  I also wanted to ensure that I could accommodate Sanchez into my FPL team, sooner rather than later.   Instead, I have come up with the following plan*:

GW2 - 0 transfers.
GW3 - Benteke & Sterling out / Aguero & Wanyama in (2 FTs).
GW4 - 0 transfers.
GW5 - Ivanovic & Ozil out / Gomez & Sanchez in (2 FTs).

Of course, the aforementioned plan is subject to price changes and other unavailability issues.  However, I think it makes more sense taking this patient approach so that I can fully assess their fitness and ascertain whether their form is back up to speed.


*I reserve the right to deviate from this plan at any time.