Friday, 28 August 2015

Stag's Knight - Gameweek 4

The Stag surveyed the expanse of colours laid out before him. The jerseyed knights jostled for positions, snarling as they sought the upper ground and over enthusiastically celebrated their triumphs. However, The Stag required a differential.  Only a knight less than 20% of the herd would do.  Only one knight could help him vault the others over the next 3 gameweeks.  Only one knight could bring him the fabled Green Arrows.  A knight to brighten his day.

This week's Stag's knight boiled down to one decision. Do I pick a Man City player or a Bournemouth player? In the end, I've opted for the former in order to include City's game versus Watford at the Etihad. Hence, don't be surprised if you see a Bournemouth player selected next week after they play high flying Leicesterlona.

David Silva is an unsung Premier League hero for me. Despite the fact that I'm a Man Utd supporter myself, I can't help but respect him. He is rarely held up as City's star as he doesn't score goals like Aguero, doesn't dominate the whole pitch like an on form and birthday cake receiving Yaya, nor wash his hair like Joe Hart. Of course my love for him has only been enhanced by the serious points hauls he has brought me on FPL over the past few seasons chipping in with a comfortable mix of goals and assists.

We're at the point in the season where we can look at previous games and build fairly fortified hypotheses based on the first three games. What's clear from that is that Silva has still got his mojo. In the biggest game of the season so far, Silva made two goals and picked up 11 valuable points versus Chelsea. The Spaniard also grabbed another assist against West Brom on gameweek one. He was indeed credited for Yaya's goal later but FPL rules dictated that he didn't get the FPL points to match. I'll go out on a limb and say he's due another goal in the next 3 gameweeks.

I like to back up my hunches with a few stats so here they come. In terms of goal scoring potential, Silva has taken 7 shots so far which translates as 2.3 shots per game*. While this number is quite low, it must be noted that Silva is one of the least wasteful players in the league. He only shoots when he has a real chance of scoring, otherwise he'll offload the ball to a teammate in a better position. That offloading to teammates results in Silva giving a solid 3.3 key passes per game*. He's a precision player, don't be put off by the low numbers. Historically he has converted, back him because I sure have!

I'll round off this week's article with an update on how Stag's Knights have done to date. Aside from Sadio Mané, all my picks have picked up offensive points. It translates as a 50% goal/assist per game record so far. As you can see, trusting Stag's Knight is a good policy!

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*Stats above according to