Sunday, 2 August 2015

Looking behind and looking ahead

For me the true thrill of FPL isn't about Berbatov scoring 5 goals on a cold winter's day or Aguero netting 4 times at lunch time.  It's about those differentials and the not-so-big-club players that succeed.  It's about Clint "Captain America" Dempsey and his herculean efforts in a mediocre team.  It's about Christian Benteke scoring a Monday Night Football hat-trick for a below-par Aston Villa.  It's about Robert Huth bagging 2 goals and an assist in a team that primarily parks the bus.  It's about Ryan Bennett somehow being in your team as he scores, keeps a clean sheet and bags 3 bonus points in a very low scoring Gameweek.  It's about Steven Whittaker being your sub 2 while scoring and assisting, only for the auto-sub to work in your favour!  Form is key.  Class doesn't matter. FPL is about all those things and so much more.

It's incredible to think how much FPLH has grown since September 2011.  A lot has happened with various developments and yet we remain one of the oldest running fantasy football blogs to have provided continuous weekly hints (147 Gameweeks and counting).   That's no easy task and all good things must come to an end at some point.  In fact, many have tried and packed it in.  There's all the more pressure for us as FPLH's fantasy football team is published before each Gameweek.  Failure isn't an option.  Fortunately, top 1.1% finishes has been our standard (with one amazing finish* in particular).  In addition, we've looked beyond FPL too, with our involvement with other platforms garnering some success** while retaining our focus on FPL.

Looking ahead to the 15/16 season, we intend to publish our blog's fantasy football team on a weekly basis - at least 12-24 hours before the Gameweek deadline.  Gone are the days when it would be published 3-4 days in advance.  Too many variables are now in play.  With that said, the way we select our players will be reliant on statistics, more so than ever before.  I think algorithm-based statistics are the present and future of fantasy football.  This is not to say that I won't pick players on a hunch or due to old-fashioned research.  But in some ways, automating the methodology is a cutting edge approach which will make the blog's fantasy football team selections a lot easier - and yours too.  I'm not implying that they will predict the future or get you maximum points every Gameweek, but they are a very useful aid.

The blog will also have some new writers for the 15/16 season and they will carry on the fine legacy set out by some of our previous standard bearers, such as Matej, Walt and Fly.  Each brought their own personality and contributed to the blog's success.  They demonstrated that you can succeed in playing the game in multiple ways while having fun!  In addition, despite the blog's name FPLH won't limit itself to FPL.  Once again, we will also be involved in other fantasy football platforms.  We may even produce (or be involved) in some live shows...

On a final note, thank you to you the readers that have allowed us to attain 1,500,000+ blog hits.  Thank you to those on Twitter that have allowed us to attain 10,000+ followers.  Thank you to our partners for their support - they have empowered us and without them we wouldn't be able to produce FPL hints on a weekly basis.

*FPLH's fantasy football team finished 110th in 2011/2012.
**FPLH finished 9th overall in PlayTogga's inaugural Perfect XI game last season.