Saturday, 22 August 2015

Non-Fantasy Football: Running My Own Club

It was England. It was Monday. It was November. It was bloomin' cold! None of that mattered. I was riding high on one of my best starts to a fantasy football season. To top things off I was doing well with some of my FanFeud picks and made an OK-ish start to my inaugural PlayTogga draft league.  But I wanted more. I yearned for the halcyon days of the late 1990s where I could play an assortment of football manager games via CD ROM.  Alas, that was no longer practical due to impatience and the 24-7 world we live in. It actually made more sense to find an equivalent through a mobile phone app.  I tried a few, but they didn't quite fit the bill. But that changed quickly...
I wanted a game that was challenging but easy to understand. In addition, I wanted good on-screen aesthetics, nothing too clunky, a game that was fast to play and most significantly one that received good reviews. After a few misses elsewhere I discovered Football Chairman. It took the "football management experience" to another level by allowing me to go one step further and run my own club.  I found this to be somewhat liberating, novel and exciting - It allowed me to build my own stadium, hire/fire managers at will and a number of other things. I set off by managing the mythical "Withington" in the lower echelons of English football. In all honesty, I didn't make a good start due to some failed experiments.  But gradually as a I built up my stadium, enhanced player acquisitions and got a half-decent manager in I moved up, league after league. This came in no small part to maxing the set overdrafts and banking on that fact that the club would do well... and it did!

Best of all, I could finish an entire season or two in one daily commute! Honestly, time flew buy on those cold November mornings and pitch black evenings. Success fueled my quasi-addiction.  Before I knew it I was running a football club that was winning back-to-back top flight titles.  Due to my other commitments, I eventually took a break from the game after completing over 150 seasons.  Having said that, I re-connected with it over the summer with an already trophy-laden Withington complemented by a stadium size that would make Old Trafford look small!

Why not give it a go?  Click here for more information.