Thursday, 15 January 2015

Provisional Wildcard team(s) for GW 22 & beyond

Hi all,

I activated my wildcard on Monday night after a dire GW18, GW19, GW20 and GW21 that has seen me fall down to 35k. Action had to be taken to reverse this trend.  Double City DEF cover, double CHE MID cover and no Sanchez proved to be nothing but disastrous.

I have done a bit of tinkering and here is my latest wildcard team:

Please note, I am not set on the team above.  But I do think that Burnley/Sunderland defensive cover rotates well for 2 month and is a must.  I want a team with CFC defensive cover, di Maria, Sanchez, Hazard, Chadli, Kane, Aguero and Costa.  The below graphic is the closest I have come to it:

The problem with this team is that it lacks stable defensive cover.  But it has a fixture proof  "Power 7" and Courtois which could be dynamite.

I have yet to settle on my final wildcard team. I will probably publish it on Friday night. The above illustrations are simply an indication of what I am looking at right now.