Thursday, 8 January 2015

FPL Dugout Champions League - Entries now open

I have a close affinity for FPL Dugout.  It was there where I first truly learnt the ropes of FPL, from being a mediocre FPL manager into one that has been able to finish in the top 1.1% since 2011/12. Such was their cosmopolitan nature that I liaised with people from as far and wide as America, Bristol, India and Saudi Arabia. To a large extent they instilled a passion for FPL into me that I still hold to this day.  It was also there that I won my first every mini-league, their competitive classic league.  But that's not the end of it. I also won their Champions League competition last season.  It's just a shame that I haven't won their domestic cup yet, or else I would have had the "Triple Crown".

Though I intended to retire from their Champions League game, I have decided to enter for another season to defend my title.  Not only that, but I would encourage you all to take part, especially if you enjoyed Battle Royal 2 or didn't do that well in it.  Can you meander through the qualification and meet me in the group stages?  Well? Don't delay, enter today by going to the following link:

You may want to also read this for further insight.

Aside from their competition, I would encourage you to interact with their members, they are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch.