Saturday, 31 January 2015

Match Preview: Chelsea v Manchester City

Tonight's match between Chelsea and Manchester City promises a lot from an attacking point of view.  However, with the absence of Yaya Toure, Diego Costa (and Cesc Fabregas being a bit of a doubt) it could in fact end up being a damp squib.

So far this season, Chelsea have been formidable at home (100% win record, 24 goals scored and 3 conceded), where as City have been fantastic on the road (64% win record, 25 goals scored and 11 conceded).  In effect, the team with the best home record is playing the team with the best away record and in the overall table they are 1st and 2nd respectively.


It is no exaggeration to say that a Chelsea win could virtually seal the title race as they would gain a 8 points lead.  Conversely, a City win will reinvigorate the two-horse race with a 2 points difference.  Then again, it could easily finish 0-0 or 1-1 with the status quo being retained.

I believe that City are capable of breaching Chelsea's defence and vice versa.  Aguero missed a lot of the winter period due to injury, yet remains City's best goal scorer on the road by a comfortable distance.  If he plays to his best tonight, Chelsea would be hard pressed to keep a clean sheet.


With the above in mind, I think there will not be any clean sheets in this encounter.  It probably won't be a goals fest either.  It will probably be a close 1-1 or a narrow 2-1 win.  For this reason, I am picking the following players as my FAN FEUD PICKS:

Sergio Aguero
David Silva
Eden Hazard
Didier Drogba

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