Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Recommended Player for Gameweek 19

Recommended Player for Gameweek 19 - Leighton Baines (Everton)

After going 8 weeks without endorsing a Premier League defender, my recommended player for Gameweek 19 is Everton’s Leighton Baines. With the spectacular demise of Tim Cahill during this calendar year (he has scored no Premier League goals in 2011!), Baines has become the Toffees sole-star player. To put it simply, if Everton did not have Leighton Baines they would be bogged down in the relegation zone – that’s how important he is for them. During last season he bagged an impressive 5 goals and 11 assists from defence in the Premier League. Baines has scored 3 so far, but only managed 1 assist, in part due to Everton’s lack of goals. In fact, during their five Premier League matches in December they have only scored a paltry 3 goals. But this should not put you off from buying Baines as he is Everton’s joint Premier League top scorer (tied with Osman and Vellios). Moreover, his team’s upcoming January 2012 fixtures ensure that they may score more or keep more clean sheets as follows:

West Brom (A)
Bolton (H)*
Tottenham Hotspurs (A)*
Aston Villa (A)
Blackburn (H)

*Everton and Tottenham play two matches during GW 20 – also known as “Double Gameweek”

Another point of note is that Everton have agreed to re-sign Landon Donovan on loan for approximately two months from the start of January. This clever loan deal will inevitably bolster Everton’s attack and most likely increase their number of goals scored per match. This could see Baines benefiting in the form of getting more registered assists or being involved in more attacking set pieces. At 7.7 Baines is hardly a steal, but a worthy purchase due to the aforementioned reasons.

My captain for GW 19 is Robin Van Persie and vice-captain is Nani.

Transfers**: Evans and Richards (OUT) / Smalling and Baines (IN)

**Due to having a spare transfer, I may also sell Joe Allen in place of Leon Osman/Landon Donovan for a -4 points hit, but this is yet to be confirmed.

I should have my team posted up on the My GW Team tab (above) in the next 24-48 hours.