Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gameweek 14 Summary‏

During a bog standard gameweek 65 points* (*61 after the extra transfer) would be considered fairly decent-ish.  This is what I accumulated for GW 14, but a breakdown of the statistics tells a different picture altogether, which I shall divulge in later during this post.  But to sum up the results, Newcastle lost their unbeaten home record with an unlucky 0-3 defeat to Chelsea, as Blackburn attained a much needed victory over Swansea (4-2).  League leaders Man City won 5-1 at home, whilst QPR drew 1-1 with their fellow promoted comrades Norwich.  Tottenham won 3-0 at home against Bolton and neighbours Arsenal won 0-4 away versus Wigan.  Man United and Stoke both registered 0-1 away wins, as Wolves won 2-1 and Liverpool lost 0-1 to Fulham. 

Now back to the stats - I had Bale (11 points), Jones (15 points) and Van Persie (15 points) in my first team, yet despite this I unfortunately captained Adebayor who only acquired two points.  This proves all the more frustrating as Tottenham were playing a 10-man Bolton team for most of the match and Adebayor had plenty of chances to score.  Interestingly none of this week's top three points scoring Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders or Strikers had a value of 10.0+, apart from Mr Consistent - Robin Van Persie.  This could be an indication that buying the most expensive player doesn't always equate to mega points during a gamweek.  In fact, a lot of sub-6.0 valued players shined - i.e. Schwarzer (4.9), Hennessey (4.5), Huth (5.6), Vukcevic (5.7), Yakubu (5.6) and Fletcher (5.7).  In spite of this, I will not indulge in panic buying of any of these cheaply priced players, based on this gameweek. 

Looking to the future, Man United, Newcastle United and Liverpool have a fairly decent run of fixtures until the end of the calenday year - It is advisable to have players from these teams during this time.  It is also important to beef up the subs' bench with the onset of busy end-of-December fixture schedule and usual bad weather which may lead to match postponements.  I have made my one transfer for the gameweek, which I shall reveal as my recommended player for gameweek 15.  Until then, goodbye.

PS - A special mention to the former Brazilian football captain Socrates, who died over the weekend - you can read/watch more about him here.