Monday, 9 January 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: The end of 'essentials' - strategy for the second half of the season

Now that the dust has settled on the Christmas fixture schedule, it’s time for Fantasy League managers to catch our breath and take a look at the lessons we’ve learned so far.
This season, nobody is 'essential'
Remember when you simply HAD to have Etienne Capoue in your squad? What about Raheem Sterling? Eden Hazard? Heung-Min Son? Kevin De Bruyne? Dare we say it… Sergio Aguero?
There’ll always be times when a player is doing so well you have to get him in, but in our rush to jump on some of this season’s procession of rickety bandwagons, we’ve too often neglected those exciting under-the-radar prospects, as well as some proven performers on the verge of recapturing their form.
A bit of canny transfer business, coupled with a reasonable amount of patience, has really paid off for some managers this season - while others have succumbed to the curse of "chasing points".

There’s never been more value in the bargain basement
Every FPL manager starts the season looking for that illusive first-team player at a rock-bottom price to help fund their more glamorous acquisitions - and let’s face it, we usually get it horribly wrong (let us never speak of Brad Smith again...).
But it’s now mid-season and I can honestly say that in my 10 years of playing FPL, I’ve never seen a better selection of super-cheap “enablers”...
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