Friday, 20 January 2017

A Journey into Fantasy A-League

Fantasy Premier League may be the most well known fantasy game around the world but it should not be the only fantasy game to be considered. Fantasy A-League is an amazing alternative to FPL. Fantasy A-League? Yes Fantasy A-League, it is the fantasy game that encompasses the beauty of the Australian League. The game presents many differences from the main FPL game which would bring joy to avid fantasy players. Before I get into the differences which separates it from FPL, I will get into how I did in the passing gameweek and how the A-League season has shaped out.

Gameweek and Season Recount
The season is just over it’s halfway point with Round 15 concluding less than 24 hours ago. Round 15 was the first and probably last double gameweek of the season that was comprised by Melbourne Victory and Wellington Phoenix.

At the end of the DGW, I was at 132 overall round points and a round rank of 23. This great result caused an increase in rank from 232nd to 121st. It was an all round good week for all FAL managers as the average was 69 and the highest points was 148. It was a great week for anyone who had Tratt in their backline, he amassed 27 points over the 2 games, scoring a goal and keeping 2 clean sheets. My round score is shown below.

In regards to the entire season, it has been an interesting season for me with many ups and downs but the ups overshadow the downs. Many players have shone throughout the season, which have helped me soar up the ranks and get great results. The overall dream team below shows a bunch of those players. Rojas, Ninkovic and Troisi have shown themselves to be must haves along with Sydney FC defence.

Differences from FPL

1.    Bonus Point Distribution
The bonus point distribution in FPL has come with strong criticism as bonus points are determined by the BPS system. Unlike FPL, where players lose bonus points because they’ve been tackled twice and missed one chance (how ridiculous), players in Fantasy A-League are given bonuses based on their influence in the game. Players don’t always have to register a goal, assist or clean sheet to be consider for any bonus, however they are rewarded for their performance. Rarely ever do the bonus points get distributed to players undeserving of them.

2.    Extra Points Potential
A huge criticism of the FPL game is that it doesn’t reward players for an all round performance. This issue is not a problem in Fantasy A-League as points are distributed for actions, which occur during the game. For example, 1 point is given for 8 recoveries, 2 shot assists result in a point, each shot on target is a point gained and defenders earn clearances, blocks and interceptions points. This system allows for there to be potential to gain more points and it also makes players more attractive, while in FPL they’d be a joke to own. The picture below shows this system in work.

3.    Price Changes
Price changes in FPL are a constant problem as player rise and drop at a rapid rate between gameweek. This results in managers being forced into early transfers in order to beat the price changes, which could backfire with training injuries not being uncommon. In Fantasy A-League, the prices of players are expressed in a 1000k currency, e.g. 275k. Further, players only rise and fall by around 10k maximum per gameweek, which would be equivalent to a 0.1m change in FPL and these changes are determined by past gameweek performance, not a random formula.