Friday, 25 September 2015

Stag's Knight - Gameweek 7

The Stag surveyed the expanse of colours laid out before him. The jerseyed knights jostled for positions, snarling as they sought the upper ground and over enthusiastically celebrated their triumphs. However, The Stag required a differential.  Only a knight less than 20% of the herd would do.  Only one knight could help him vault the others over the next 3 gameweeks.  Only one knight could bring him the fabled Green Arrows.  A knight to brighten his day.

There we have it. Another week over and another Stag's Knight is on the prowl! This weeks choice sees a return to Man City's midfield, this time to young Raheem Sterling. Since his record breaking £49 million transfer from Liverpool, Sterling has added much need pace, flair and penetration to City's attack. Many people expected his appearances to be limited but that clearly hasn't been the case. Pellegrini has been happy to keep backing Sterling so long he keeps scoring goals and creating chances. Raheem has been confident, making daring runs, and has reaped the rewards of having much more talented players around him than ever before.

A quick look at Sterling's form this season will show you how much potential the kid has. He has two goals and two assists in six appearances. That includes a goal and an assist just this week in the Capital One Cup against Premier League strugglers Sunderland. I know that isn't a goal/assist per game but bear with me. Sterling is currently owned by 12.1% of managers and his price has fallen to 8.9. The hype that surrounded Sterling at the beginning of the season meant he garnered a large ownership to start. Them bailing out to get players in scintillating form like Mahrez is the main reason why his price has fallen. Rightfully, some would have got rid of him because one goal and one assist doesn't justify allocating almost a tenth of your overall budget. I believe that's about to change now. He can build on his midweek success and his man of the match performance against Watford.

 In their next three games, City will take on Spurs in London before they host the hapless Newcastle and Bournemouth in Manchester. By investing in Sterling now, you are in place to reap the monetary rewards as his price rises if he produces like I expect him to over the next few gameweeks. Breaking down those fixtures a bit more, the Spurs game is obviously the most difficult one of the three. We all know Sterling could score here, but in truth it's a hard one to predict. Spurs' defence has been solid so far this season with odd lapses such as the Stoke game. Steve McClaren's Newcastle keep going from bad to worse. Their loss to Sheffield Wednesday during the week highlights how their confidence is at rock bottom. I'd expect a City goal bonanza in this one with Sterling sure to get in on the action. Bournemouth have struggled to keep clean sheets this season, Sterling again should have ample opportunity to add to his FPL points tally in that one.

Sterling's stats aren't too bad either. They show he is willing to put crosses in and take shots every game. He has averaged 1.6 shots per game and 1.6 key passes per game in his 5 Premier League appearances so far. Of course we'd prefer if these numbers were higher, but last week's Stag's Knight Philippe Coutinho proved to us that taking lots of shots doesn't necessarily mean you'll score goals. By the way, 83% of Sterling's shots so far have been on target, so he won't suffer the same plague as his ex teammate!

So there you have it, Stag's Knight for Gameweek 7 is Raheem Sterling.

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