Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Five Reasons Why We Love Football Chairman

As you may have noticed, we’ve been full of praise recently for the Football Chairman app (www.football-chairman.com), which we’ve been playing ever since the first version launched in 2013.

A few people have asked us whether it’s worth playing, so we thought we’d give you our top five reasons why the answer is YES!


1. There’s a free version

The “Lite” version of the game is completely free to download from the app stores and doesn’t have any time-limits, paywalls or annoying adverts.

There are in-app purchases, but they’re completely optional and we managed to build a successful club (and have hours of fun in the process) without spending a single penny of real money.


2. You can whizz through seasons in no time

So many football management games these days require a massive amount of time to play them properly.  Luckily Football Chairman bucks that trend by being really quick and easy to play.

By taking on the role of chairman, you avoid some of the more tedious tasks that the managers perform – for instance setting up training regimes or endlessly shuffling your squad around.  As a result the seasons fly past and it’s the perfect game for the morning commute, or for those 15 minutes at half time in a televised match.


3. It’s very addictive

Because the seasons go so quickly, it’s very hard to put the game down.  If you’ve had a good season and gained promotion, you’ll be eager to move on and see if you can continue your success in a higher division.  Or if you’ve had a season to forget and your club is on the slide, you won’t want to close the app down until you’ve put things right and got your club heading upwards again.


4. The Pro version takes the depth and realism to a new level

The latest version of the game – Football Chairman Pro – adds a whole new level of realism to the challenge of being a chairman.  Whether you’re wheeling and dealing in the transfer market, unveiling the latest gleaming addition to your 3D stadium, or dealing with the manager’s request for a team-bonding break, the new game adds an extra layer of depth.  But what’s impressive that the new features haven’t taken away from the speed of the gameplay.


5. It’s being developed all the time

The Pro game only launched a few months ago and already the developers are adding new features to the app as free updates.  For instance, in the next month they are planning to launch a data editor that will allow users to create their own game universes.  And if you don’t fancy the hassle of creating your own data, you’ll also be able to load other people’s datapacks, meaning a whole new world of foreign leagues to play.



Like what you see? Go on, give it a go!

Football Chairman is available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

For more details visit www.football-chairman.com or search the app stores for “Football Chairman”.