Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Football Blogging Awards - Please Vote For Us

Dear Friends,

It was through your support that this blog was confirmed as a finalist at the 2013 and 2014 Football Blogging Awards for "Best FPL Blog".  The aforementioned slot isn't present for 2015.  With this in mind we have entered the "Best Influencer" category.  We believe that this is befitting to the service that the blog and Twitter account provides - a basic combination of wanting others to do well with some sensible planning.

With our 4th Birthday just around the corner, we would be immensely honoured if you voted for us again.  Since the turn of the decade, the blog has attained almost 2,000,000 hits and has produced over 150 consecutive Gameweeks' worth of articles.  Our unofficial hints and collective influence has helped many FPL managers to such an extent that they have finished high in the overall rankings as well as winning their respective mini-leagues:

The influence of ALL of our writers, past and present, has played an important part in this blog receiving peer acclaim.  We aim to help others by providing fantasy football advice - be it FPL, PlayTogga or FanFeud.  In addition, the plethora of words we use on the blog and on Twitter have gained wider currency in the ever growing FPL community - such as Differentials, Mini-Wildcard, Pound Shop Defender, Baps, Power 7, etc.

Our influence hasn't been restricted to funky jargon and general advice.  Ultimately, our specific transfer purchases have been integral to the blog's success, whether it was Martin Petrov during  the famous Double Gameweek in 2012 or Dame N'Doye's in 2015. We always publish the blog's FPL team in advance of every Gameweek so that FPL managers can gain insight and benefit accordingly.

A large part of our influence and growth (in terms of hits and social media following) comes down to the blog team's FPL success - Top 1.1% finishes for the last 4 seasons is no mean feat - very few FPL managers have been able to achieve this, which is partly why we are consulted on a weekly basis.

With all that said, have we "influenced" you to vote for us?  If so, you can cast your vote through the following channels:

You can vote for FPLHints as the "Best Football Influencer" by going to The FBAs website.

Or you can vote via Twitter by by clicking here and tweeting this.