Friday, 20 February 2015

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 26

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54k (1k rise)
Given IN / Hamer OUT (2FTs intact)

Bank Balance: 

*Courtois has a probable chance of not starting. I didn't want to sell him, so sought a replacement for Hamer. I could have got Krul (home v City) and was 0.1 short of getting Green. In the end I opted for Given due to his good performance in the FA Cup, him praising Sherwood in the press, Sherwood's first official game and they were both teammates. Worst case scenario, neither Courtois or Given start and I lose out, so be it, I guess - no other GK transfers made sense.


I need to stop benching strikers. They score every time I bench them! On this occasion Cazorla is my sub1. 2 GWs from 2 points indicates that he's being overshadowed by Theo, Ozil, Sanchez, etc. With Defoe being a doubt, Santi could still sub on for me, but I'm not expecting Defoe to start or for Santi to do much. As for my captain it came down to Aguero, Kane and Hazard. Aguero has Barcelona during the week, so may have to take it easy or play less minutes. Hazard played on Tuesday.  As for Kane, he played on Thursday for a brief 24 minutes. With questions over Allardyce's long term future, Kane's sensational form and having no other Sunday players, it sort of made sense to pick Kane.

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