Saturday, 8 November 2014

PLAYER PROFILE - Steven Gerrard

Position - Midfielder
Current FPL Price - £8.8 million


Never mind "the slip". Champions League winner, FA Cup winner, League Cup winner, UEFA Cup winner, UEFA Super Cup winner, Charity/Community Shield winner, former England captain and current Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard still has plenty in his locker.

Although Gerrard is not as young as he used to be, generally plays in a deeper role and is more reliant on set pieces to score and/or assist, he still posses excellent technique, passing ability and is a hugely influential presence both physically and psychologically.

Gerrad has not been involved in (scored/assisted) in a Premier League goal since he got his only Premier League assist of the season thus far in Gameweek 8, where he assisted Coutinho (in open play) for the Brazilian's first Premier League goal of the season.

Gerrard was involved in (scored/assisted) in 26 Premier League goals last season.
Gerrard may not score and/or assist on a particularly consistent basis but throughout the course of the season is reliable for goals and assists.

  • Gerrard scored the exact amount of Premier League goals (13) as he got Premier League assists (13) last season
  • Gerrard has been involved in (scored/assisted) in 29 Premier League goals since October 2013
  • Gerrard has scored over 100 career goals for Liverpool
  • Gerrard has yet to get an assist via a set piece in the Premier League this season
  • Gerrard has scored the exact amount of Premier League goals (2) than he had scored at roughly this time last season (2)
  • 14 of Gerrard's last 15 Premier League goals have came from either direct-free kicks or from the penalty spot
  • Just 1 of Gerrard's last 15 Premier league goals have been scored have not been scored by a penalty or direct free-kick which was his headed goal against Everton (4-0) in January last season)
  • The last Premier League goal that Gerrard scored in open play (not a penalty, a direct free-kick or scored from a via a in-direct set-piece - i.e his headed goal against Everton) was against Manchester City in February in the 2012/13 season.
  • Gerrard has scored goals against over 20 different English teams
  • Gerrard has not missed a Premier League match since January 

Stats are self-compiled, mostly from memory, however, some are self-compiled/double checked through the use of FourFourTwo Stats Zone & BBC Sport (Football)