Sunday, 30 November 2014

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 14

Latest Rank: 23,234
  di Maria/Costa* OUT / Cazorla/Aguero** IN
-4 HIT
New Bank Balance: £0.0M 

*If I didn't sell them, my team would have been fairly hollow for GW14.  Besides, I already have MUFC & CFC coverage at hand.

**Both players have a good run of upcoming games, have shown form of late and possess attacking prowess.

Why did I buy Santi?
2nd best "Shots on target" of any midfielder since 22/11/14.
 3rd best "Final Third Passes" of any midfielder this season.
4th best "Shots on goal" of any midfielder this season.
8th best "ALI*" rating of any midfielder this season.
Scored 8 points in GW13 (assist & 2 Bonus pts).
Source: Asliga
*ALI rating is based on Asliga's Index for potency.
Why did I buy/captain Aguero?

Aguero is City's best FPL points scorer by far:

Aguero has scored almost half of City's total goals:

Aguero has been scoring a goal every 80.9 mins in 14/15.
He has gained "Fantasy Returns" in 9 games this season.
City need to catch up to Chelsea and Aguero's output is key.
Source: Asliga