Saturday, 8 November 2014

Battle Royal 2: Winter World Cup 2014

B A T T L E    R O Y A L     II

Folks, it's back!  In conjunction with @FPLDaily, I am pleased to announce that we are launching a new edition of our Fantasy Football "Battle Royal" competition.  We are expanding it to a new level with more entrants than before and with more fun to keep you excited during the Premier League's winter peak.  In some respects, this series will be more than a game - it is effectively a "World Cup" of sorts!  After all, it looks like Qatar will host a "Winter World Cup", so we thought it best to beat them to it by doing our own version - 8 years in advance!

Of course, "Battle Royal 2: Winter World Cup 2014" is an unofficial game and has its own rules.  If you recall from the first Battle Royal series, it is essentially a list-style weekly knockout competition, dependent on your FPL score for the week.  The same principles from the previous series apply, as follows:

"Scores will not roll over and will be reset for each Gameweek... There are no prizes - this competition is just for fun (and bragging rights!)."

Tie-break decider for those on same points will be confirmed by @FPLDaily

Duplicate entries are strictly forbidden and we reserve the right to remove such teams.

The competition will start in Gameweek 13 (29th November 2014) and run until Gameweek 20 (1st January 2015) - 8 games over a duration of 34 days!  Qualification criteria for each round will be as follows:

Round 1 - GW13 - Unlimited number of entries are allowed to enter (Top 200 qualify to Round 2).
Round 2 - GW14 - Competing for Top 150 slots.
Round 3 - GW15 - Competing for Top 125 slots.
Round 4 - GW16 - Competing for Top 100 slots.
Round 5 - GW17 - Competing for Top 75 slots.
Round 6 - GW18 - Competing for Top 50 slots.
Round 7 - GW19 - Competing for Top 10 slots.
Round 8 - GW20 - (FINAL) January 1st 2015 - There can only be one winner!

To enter our Battle Royal 2: Winter World Cup 2014 competition, please fill out the following form (& also share it accordingly with any FPL managers):

Competition Entry Form
*Entries are now CLOSED*

Entries close on 29th November (11.30am GMT).  We will not accept any new entries after this time.

We reserve the right to amend qualification (or any rules) subject to mitigating circumstances.  If you require clarification on any of our rules, simply contact us via Twitter, email or comment on this post.

In addition, round-by-round score updates will be generated via @FPLDaily.  They will appear on - Please follow @FPLDaily and us (@FPLHINTS) on Twitter so that you are kept up to date with the competition.

And finally...

Good luck!