Friday, 28 December 2012

FPL Hints - Gameweek 20

FPLH's GW 20 Team*

Transfers: Tevez (OUT) / Podolski (IN)

*FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Team Reasoning

Not sure what to say about the previous Gameweek.  I bought and recommended Sidwell, yet stupidly didn't save the team and he ended up on the bench.  Fortunately he didn't score or assist v Southampton.  To add to my woes, RVP didn't get any bonus points (despite bagging a goal and an assist), I ended up scoring a paltry 44 and just about won my cup match by 2 points.  For the last 2 months it seems that a good GW is followed by a bad GW for me!

For this GW I have had to retract my previous statement about Tevez.  With loss of form and the fixture jam, I believe he will feature less, especially after failing to score in his last few fixtures.  He is in need of a rest and I think you will see Dzeko line up with Aguero, rather than Tevez.  With this in mind I decided to draft in Podolski.  I had him in my team previously yet sold him when his form faltered, only for him to bite me back and score more points!

Podolski is listed as a striker but plays in Arsenal's midfield, whilst Walcott is listed as a midfielder and has recently begun playing as their main striker.  Confusing?  Don't let it be.  Podolski will be a key purchase, especially with Arsenal's upcoming fixtures which includes a Double Gameweek:

GW 20 - Newcastle (H)
GW 21 - Southamption (A)
GW 22 - Man City (H)
DGW 23 -  Chelsea (A)
DGW 23 - West Ham (H)

I have decided to captain Van Persie again for GW 20 following his blistering form, with Podolski as my vice captain.  I have benched Michu as I think he will not recover in time for GW20, with Rafael also benched due to his on-going injury.

Recommended Player for Gameweek 20
Lukas Podolski

Scored 5 and assisted 5 in the PL so far this season.
Can cut in from the flanks to score/create goals.
Is regularly used as Arsenal's free kick taker.
At £8.2M, he is reasonably priced.

FPLH's Hot Picks XI for GW 20

de Gea


Van Persie-c


8/15 Hot Picks' feature in FPLH's GW 20 Team