Thursday, 22 December 2011

Recommended Player for Gameweek 18

Recommended Player for Gameweek 18 - Michel Vorm (Swansea City)

My recommended player for gameweek 18 is finally a goalkeeping pick.  He’s done surprisingly well thus far in the Premier League.  It’s Swansea City’s Michel Vorm.  The Dutchman has won many fans for his match saving and winning displays.  He has defied the odds by keeping 8 clean sheets out of 17 matches – a remarkable feat for a newly promoted team and player that have never played in the Premier League.  Such has been his impact that his FPL value has increased by 1.1 from August.  At 5.1 he is still a steal of a purchase, cheaper than many top goalkeepers.  He also has two penalty saves to his name – giving credence to his surprisingly apt nickname – “The Penalty Killer”.  Vorm has acquired 22 points from him last three games.  His points tally can be furthered even more with Swansea’s next match at home to QPR.  Of course shortly after that he will face Tottenham and Arsenal – but you could always bench him for those matches, provided you have a half decent sub (I don’t!).  Vorm has also been capped by his national team and it may be difficult for Swansea to keep hold of him if a big club comes knocking in June. All this begs a question, will Vorm’s second half of the season be as good as his first?
My captain for GW 18 is Robin Van Persie and vice-captain is Nani.

Transfers*:  Jones (OUT) / Evans (IN)

My gameweek 18 team will be updated here within the next 48 hours.

*I still have one free transfer at hand as I didn't make any transfers in GW 17.


  1. As stated in my post, I agree that after QPR (H) Swansea City have a tough run of fixtures. I have advised that Vorm could be benched for the tougher matches. The recommendations work on a week-by-week basis unless otherwise stated. I thought I should give him a mention as he has been superb this season for Swansea - in particular his distinction of keeping the most number of clean sheets thus far (and two penalty saves). Granted he has also had matches without clean sheets, but look at high flying Manchester City. Hart's 11/12 goalkeeping record is a lot worse than Vorm's. It must also be noted that this season has been a season where clean sheets have been a premium.

  2. LOL well done transferring out Jones when he's going to start on Boxing Day.

  3. @Sieno: One thing to keep in mind is that even if Swansea do not keep a clean sheet Vorm could very well score 3 - 4 points with saves points.

    He has proven to be an excellent shot stopper for the first half of the season.

    If you've had him since early on (as I've had) his price increase should stop you from transferring him out, especially as there aren't exactly a slew of viable replacements at the moment.

  4. We simply have to see the points he scored so far to convince ourselves that he is a must-have keeper. Score or not, Swansea will keep many more clean sheets this season, regardless of the fixtures.

    However, I am bemused by some managers' unreasonable trust in him. Having no good back-up player will save you some cash but that will mean they only have no-one but Vorm to rely on every week. What if their match is postponed? What if they face teams like ManU, ManCity or Chelsea.

    It's been a while that i post my team here. For this GW,


    Phil Jones, Evans, Enrique

    Silva, Larsson, Nani, Bale

    Adebayor, RVP (c), Sturridge

    Subs: Krul, Caulker, Assou-Ekotto, Ferguson

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. It is tempting to use both Vorm and Caulker by dropping Larsson but I think i shouldn't.

  5. @ John Smith:

    Thank for the comment, I will take it as a compliment...

    I am not too bothered at losing Jones as I got him (in fact recommended him as a buy early on -

    I made a good profit in selling Jones. In buying Evans I have even more cash at hand to purchase better players in other departments.