Friday, 22 December 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Morata moans, replacing Richarlison and #Kanexit

Red cards, diving, goals galore - Gameweek 18 had plenty to keep Fantasy Premier League managers on their toes.

It even saved the best 'til last, as one penalty seemed to have something for everyone.
It wasn't all fun and games, unfortunately - some of the complaints and more lurid speculation around David Silva's recent absence were as distasteful as they were ill-informed.
The idea that some people feel entitled to an explanation as to why he needed to attend to what must be a serious family matter boggles the mind. To their credit, most FPL players shrugged their shoulders acknowledged it as part of the game life, and moved on.
Back in the fantasy realm, the debate in the FPL community around whether to hold or sell Harry Kane (TOT, 12.8) reached such a critical mass it was given its own name.
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