Friday, 15 December 2017

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Morata firesale, Power Three backline and the new breed of uber-budget defenders

Even the most pessimistic of Fantasy Premier League pundits never thought it would get this bad.

It’s been a trying time for FPL managers in recent weeks, as we’ve watched a relentless procession of heretofore reliable players fall foul of suspension, injury and squad rotation.

Fielding 10 or even fewer players each week has become commonplace, as the virtue of having a deep bench became painfully clear.
The FPL Cup offered little comfort for many active managers, many of whom had to endure watching “ghost ship” teams sail past them, thanks to 11 points from pre-season favourite David de Gea (MUN, 5.8) and the failure of popular GW17 captains like Kane and Salah. Even long-time world Number 1 Damir TeNay lost out to a manager ranked around 4.5 million - the magic of the cup, eh?
But with all the plate-spinning in our midfield and forward lines, the emergence of standout picks in defence has largely gone unnoticed - and not just the “pound-shop” variety, either.

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