Monday, 4 December 2017

MLN - My Little Nuts: Chief's league week 8

Here's another update from Chief's My Little Nuts League.

Have you heard about MLN - My Little Nuts yet? It's a draft style Premier League game and it's the number 1 game in France (with 600k players). They can't all be wrong!

There's a completely new scoring system and the leagues are all head-to-head with the winner of each tie taking 3 points. 

Lets have a look at the 8th week of results:

A couple of draws in there and a big win for Fear Minority Report, looks like Power Drinkers forgot to set his team. Chief still searching for his 2nd win picked up a 2-2 draw this week.

A bit of an unlucky result for Chief here. He got 2 standard goals but was pegged back by Martial's virtual goal (scored based on player ratings). Chief tried to use one of the game's bonuses to get his own virtual goal but it didn't work out this time. 

Here's how the table stands:

Chief is currently rock bottom. It was an unlucky week for him and he's still only got just the 1 win. Hopefully he can turn it around and avoid finishing in last place.

ONE LAST THING: If you haven't given MLN a try yet please do here, HERE.

There’s 3 key differences to standard fantasy: 1. Unique teams (draft style) 2. Head-to-head leagues 3. Goals win games.

And it's completely FREE.