Sunday, 31 July 2016

Experience the Thrill of the Draft

The Fantasy Premier League season starts long before opening day.  Draft day requires preparation, practice and patience - and even then there are plenty of pitfalls which can trip-up even the most experienced FPL draft manager. If you're new to playing draft FPL (or even if you're not), the guide from Fantasy Premier League draft site Togga will give you everything you need to ensure your draft day is the best day of the season - and set you on your path to FPL glory.

Be In It To Win It
Draft can be an endurance game. In a league with 10 managers there will be 160 players drafted by the end. If you're counting on having a certain player available  to you in a certain round - only to watch a rival nick them from under your nose. That sends many a manager into a tailspin - grasping for any player just to make a pick. And that is how you end up with

Watch Out: Call it David Moyes Syndrome. Trying to ink a marquee midfielder, but transfer deadline day has arrived? Quick throw gobs of dosh at Marouane Fellaini. It's felled many a manager in their prime, and it can happen to you if you don't have a standby. Targeting Moussa Dembele in Round 7? Keep one eye on Ahmed Elmohamady as potential cover. Otherwise you might panic and draft Bastian Schweinsteiger. And no one wants that.

Simple Fix: For every player you identify to draft, pick a second player you think is of equal value as a back-up. Use Togga's FPL Cheat Sheet as a guide.

You Don't Have to Win Every Trade to Win Your League
This is a vital topic, and one which will have its own post shortly, that often goes overlooked. Every manager would love to trade their fifth midfielder (a Gareth Barry type) for a rivals top forward (hello, Sergio Aguero!), but those deals rarely happen, and shouldn't ever. The key to winning your league is finding value in smaller deals. If you've identified that your team isn't scoring well at the back, it's worth paying a premium to shore-up a leaky defense. If you've drafted well and have a surplus of value from one position, you can afford to trade away Midfield Maestro for Danny Defender knowing that the move makes your starting XI better, even if the two players aren't even value in a vacuum.

Watch Out: If you can't find a simple 1-1 trade or if you keep getting rebuffed by a rival who only wants to trade for your best player, many managers will get worn down. This is the £40,000,001 bid and you shouldn't accept it any more than Liverpool did. Just because you don't need to get the most value in a deal doesn't mean you shouldn't get the most value for your team.

Simple Fix: Once a week look at your opponent's rosters and send one trade offer to each manager. Try offering deals including multiple players where you deal from strength to add depth to weak areas. By making incremental additions to your squad, you'll end the season strong and handle the run-in with the deft touch of Alex Ferguson. Just don't pull a Kevin Keegan - loose lips lose titles. Use Togga's Fantasy EPL app to practice now!

Looking forward to seeing you join the movement and help you launch your Fantasy Draft now!