Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Barry Manager

Let's get straight to it.  Last season was far from perfect.  My long suffering non-fantasy team succumbed to relegation for a second time in less than ten years.  More significantly, I was rocked on a fantasy football level, after my record of top 1% finishes was hit by an undeniable blip.  Though I have never claimed to be an expert, I am all about performance-driven results.  With the confirmed arrival of the Galacticos managers to the Premier League things needed to change.

The proverbial stuffing was certainly knocked out of me. In that there is no doubt. My ego, "Chief" was hit hard and floored.  So much so that it impacted on my alter ego, "Barry Manager" and brought him to the fore (mini-league rivals already know him).  The former being the front-end that knows best, the latter being the inner subconscious that makes you question more team changes than you should.  In many ways, Chief has been the manager & Barry has been the assistant.

With time to reflect over the summer, I decided to act and make a simple decision.  The number 2 in charge has finally been promoted.  For the time being at least, Barry Manager is in full control of operations and will be taking over with immediate effect.  The Chief has relinquished all of his duties after five memorable and trophy-laden years.  Barry will manage the team to the best of his abilities, in his own imitable way.  Here's to hope.  Here's to Barry Manager!

Long Live The Chief!

 Barry Manager