Wednesday, 27 July 2016

5 Types of Fantasy Football Managers

We're not all the same. There are good managers, bad managers and bang average managers. There are dedicated managers and there are casual managers. So what are the classic types of FPL gaffers and what separates the Mourinhos from the Moyseys?

The Ghost Ship Casual

Most like: Hodgson

He picks a team in 5 minutes on the day of the game's launch featuring 3 defensive midfielders, two second choice goalkeepers and a player who leaves for another league, but when he realises the season has already started. He forgets his password and his managerless team spends the rest of the season at the bottom of your league, making your rank look better than it should.

The Lazy Genius

Most like: Mourinho

This is a manager who wants to win for bragging rights, and expects to win. He believes his opinionated football knowledge will be enough to propel him to the top of his mates' leagues straight away and he reckons he will stay there for the rest of the season. After a couple of drafts in July, he is happy. He splashes out on the big-money signings and fills the rest of his team with the cheapest starting players he can find. He knows who his favourite players are, he knows who will win the league, who will be top scorer and who will flop right from the start and he won't be told otherwise. Call him arrogant and boastful, but one thing he isn't is a boring sheep. If his bold gambles come off, then he could be in for a great season, but if not then he is too stubborn to give in to the bandwagons. He is not prepared for other outcomes than success, he can fall behind early on and, to the hilarity of his mates, spend the rest of the season moaning about how Wenger's tactics don't get the best out of Alexis Sanchez, how Ivanovic shouldn't start for Chelsea, how the referees always favour the smaller clubs and give up on his FPL team for another season.

The Tactician

Most like: Guardiola

This man is ahead of the game. After an intense summer of drafting, he has already planned his transfers and team selections a month in advance. He prides himself on his impressive ranks and will use them to back up his opinion in any football-related discussion. His risk-free rotation pairs took hours of contemplation. He knows that Pulis' defensive shape will be able to hold out for a nil-nil draw against Everton in gameweek 2, but he knows Lukaku will have more space in behind the Sunderland defence in gameweek 4 so he will factor that into his plans. He tactically analyses every televised Premier League game and is a keen watcher of Match of the Day so that he is aware of who is the most influential player in each team and where each teams' weaknesses are. His dedication pays off towards the end of the season when his team value allows him to sign any player possible in his wildcard team ready for the double gameweeks. On hand to offer guidance, but his team is top secret information.

The Stats Analyst

Most like: Ranieri

He is a man of principles; form over fixtures, potential over names. This is also not someone to waste any cash. He will compare the points per 1.0 of all of the players in each position before coming to a well-informed decision of the best value players in the game. Goals per game? Shots per game? Key passes? His selections will bare it all in mind. He may tinker a lot at first, but once he's settled on his winning formula he can climb the table and will make sure he stays there. He will put in the research to spot the differentials- the players no one has who the stats suggest is performing well. This is how he is able to transfer in the form players before everyone else and notice when their run of form is coming to an end. This all sounds good, but he can never sit back and enjoy a game of football without thinking about how it affects his fantasy football team.

The Mad Addict

Most like: Klopp/Conte

This breed of manager represents most of us. Some of us are just born to manage a fantasy football team. We are obsessed with football and admittedly sometimes even more obsessed with our fantasy team. Let's face it, our actual real life interests can go out of the window when anyone in our fantasy team are playing live. It's Sunday, you need 25 points from Aguero and De Bruyne to win your head-to-head. You will be a secret Man City fan whether the team you support are playing at the same time as Kun and KDB, or if your supported team are playing against Man City, or your wife/girlfriend wants to 'go out for the day' and 'socialise'. No chance. And there is nothing we would rather do on a Saturday afternoon than sit in front of Sky Sports News while scrolling through Twitter updates because there is no better thrill than finding out your captain has scored in extra time, just as it happens! We might not be top of our leagues, but we squeeze every bit of tension, drama and excitement out of a free game we have always loved. To us, fantasy football is more than just a game, more than a mere fantasy but a real-life profession. We invest a life's dream into winning FPL and won't stop until we do. This is our season!

Kyle Norbury, obsessive fantasy football manager and have been for many years. Bit of a nerd when it comes to stats.  #TeamIbra.

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