Tuesday, 29 January 2013

FPL Hints - Gameweek 24

FPLH's GW 24 Team*

Activated Wildcard - Transfers in (8/15 changes):

Federici, Clichy, O'Brien, Martin, Gerrard, Fellaini, Lampard, Pogrebnyak

*FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Team Reasoning

Following last Gameweek's bumper points haul you would think that I would keep most of the same team despite the wildcard?  Wrong.  Whilst Davies, J. Cole, Cazorla and Podolski did me proud they won't score that heavily week in week out.  The new bunch are a varied mix of semi-differentials, bargains and obvious picks.  My individual player reasoning for those transferred in is as follows:

Federici (4.7% ownership):

The reason I bought him was partly based on his price (£4.4M), but also due to the fact that he alternates so well with Begovic for almost the next 10 Gameweeks. Thus it made sense to bring him in as a backup, with the intention to utilise him in some upcoming matches too, i.e. GWs 25, 27, 29, 32.

Clichy (6.2% ownership):

I have lacked City defensive coverage for a large part of this season.  This was initially due to their leaky defensive record which has now improved.  With some decent upcoming fixtures for the next two months it made sense to draft someone in who didn't cost over the odds.  Clichy fitted the bill due to his price and limited rotation risk.

O'Brien (13.3% ownership):

I didn't purchase him during West Ham's DGW as I knew it would be difficult for them to keep clean sheets in those matches.  However, I think West Ham will improve their defensive record and he is a key pick, especially due to his attacking prowess and OOP potential (can operate in midfield).

Martin (4.2% ownership):

Norwich have had a shoddy time keeping goals out of late, but Martin has been doing the opposite at the other end.  At £4.1M he is cheap and can act as a good backup defender.  I intend to play him in the odd home match due to their good record at Carrow Road.

Gerrard (7.0% ownership):

He has been in fantastic form of late.  I intended to buy him weeks earlier, but was unable to afford him.  The return of Lucas has allowed Gerrard to attack more and has led to him bagging 4 goals/8 assists in his last 10 PL matches!  With Liverpool challenging for a European spot, expect him to carry on shining.

Fellaini (34.5% ownership):

Despite Everton purchasing Fer, Fellaini will continue to be their most integral player until the end of the season.  I had him earlier in the season and thought it best to re-sign him now due to Everton's good upcoming fixtures.  He scores and assists.  At sub £8.0M he is a bargain!

Lampard (3.6%)

I actually re-signed Mata again, but felt I needed more low-ownership players.  That's when I decided to reconsider Lampard.  He may not be the "Fat Frank" of old, but has had a good run of form of late.  And would you blame him?  His Chelsea contract is due to finish in the summer and he is also aiming to become the club's all-time record goalscorer!  As a result he will be looking to finish off with a bang.  Interestingly he has scored as many goals as Mata in the PL this season, despite his low ownership and cheaper value.

Pogrebnyak (8.0%)

Some players think football is a game of one half.  If that is the case, The Pog had a cracking season from January to May last year.  Funnily enough he could be repeating that pattern with 3 goals in his last 4 PL matches.  The reason I bought him was not mainly due to this.  It was more due to the fact that I wanted to utilise a 3-5-2 formation, without having to worry about an expensive striker on the bench. Of course I intend to use him in some matches (see Federici above), but he is the perfect sub1 candidate otherwise.

For this GW I have captained RVP and have assigned Fellaini as vice-captain.

Recommended Player for Gameweek 24
Robin Van Persie

FPLH's Hot Picks XI for GW 24



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