Thursday, 3 March 2016

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 29

Disclaimer: *I reserve the right to change this team at any time. Any changes will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.



ALL CHIPS (including wildcard): STILL AVAILABLE


£2.9M (+£0.9M) 

Folks, I have to retire back to the drawing board.  Just when I thought I had a bit of an upturn in FPL, I was whacked down with a midweek red arrow.  Had Arnautovic's Van Basten shot gone in off the post at the end of Wednesday's game, I could have been at least 14 points better off.  C'est la vie.  C'est la season.

With confirmation that Kosciely will miss the North London Derby this weekend, it made sense to sell him with someone that had a good run of upcoming games and didn't have a blank in Gameweek 30.

With Kompany declaring it was "hunting season" earlier in the week, this gave me hope that it may be worth investing in him - after all, not a lot of live teams really own him right now.  I need to think ahead of the curve, thus took a risk in buying him.  Granted, City's form has been poor of late, especially with clean sheets.  But as a general rule, with him at centre back they are more likely to keep them than not.

I plan on deploying the AoA (2-5-3) Chip in Gameweek 30.  This meant that I inevitably had to take a hit now to ensure that I have full coverage prior to then.  It made sense to sell Payet as he has been shafted out wide and is being outpointed by Antonio and he also has a blank in Gameweek 30.  I wanted to replace him with Silva but was worried by his lack of form (I may still buy him for Ozil in Gameweek 30).  Sigurdsson made sense due to his form and upcoming fixtures (and non-blank next week).

In terms of captaincy, there was only option - Aguero v Villa.  His form isn't really there, but neither is Villa's.  Here's to hoping for a hat-trick.

Good luck to you all!