Friday, 18 March 2016

Chief's #FPL Team - Gameweek 31

Disclaimer: *I reserve the right to change this team at any time. Any changes will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.


AOA CHIP (2-5-3 formation): ACTIVATED



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For the non-Twitter readers who frequent this blog on a weekly basis, you'll be slightly bemused at my ability to use the AOA Chip again. From publishing last week's post significant things happened in the subsequent 24 hours.  I switched the AOA chip off as my purchase for the Gameweek (Yaya Toure) was injured, McClaren was sacked and Rafa Benitez was appointed Newcastle's manager so I removed the armband off Mahrez - my aforementioned team changes were published on Twitter by the eve of Gamweek 31.  The turn of events in hindsight proved to be inadvertent masterstrokes/coincidences as I ended up with a higher than expected score (86 - my 2nd best of the season) which was ranked at 2,000ish for the truncated Gameweek which translated as an overall increase of 350,000!

To top things off, the Double Gameweeks were finally announced.  Hurrah!
I believe that 2 potential strategies can be employed for those that have a wildcard (WC) and their chips, as follows:

WC - GW33.
BB - DGW34
AOA - GW35 or GW38 if you have it (n/a for me post-GW31)
TC - DGW37
The problem with S1 is that you would effectively have to get rid of Leicester and Spurs cover from Gameweek 33 if you want to maximise BB in DGW34 with 15 DGW'ers.  That wouldn't make sense as both teams are vying for the title and their coverage is a must. Also, even if you do well in DGW34, you would somehow have to navigate around a truncated GW35 and DGW37 which in essence would be major minefields and will mean that you could risk losing out on the ground gained from DGW34.


Take hits from GW32-GW33 to field the key players for DGW34.
TC - DGW 34
AOA - GW35 or GW38 if you have it (n/a for me post-GW31)
WC - GW36
BB - DGW37
I think S2 requires a lot less faffing about and is tidier.  The only problem is that a red arrow would almost be inevitable in DGW34 but you would have enough time to make up lost ground with the  remaining aces at hand.  Best of all you don't have to sell the likes of Kane or Mahrez at all or until GW36.  I am currently inclined to this approach, but I prefer the fixtures at hand for DGW34. Perhaps I will take hits to get the likes of Lukaku, Firmino, Coutinho, Rojo, Smalling, Sanchez & Ozil to get viable DGW34 cover and hope that my TC does very well.

Coming back to Gameweek 31, I was tempted to buy a replacement for Kompany - Olsson stood out as a viable pick. But I didn't want to bench any of my midfielders hence I have invoked the AoA chip, finally. Dier could be a doubt for Sunday in which case I would have to hope for some sort of Targett or Oxford cameo. One can only hope.  Captain choice was validated after Kane bagged a brace and was rested against the formidable Dortmund for fresh legs, as Spurs push on for the title.

Good luck to you all.